this is me

Anna | 01/01 | Canada

I also go by the name of sushi.

Current comp sci student in Vancouver working her way up to dental school. I draw when I can, but I’m bad at time management and I love my sleep, so more often than not I don’t. :(

I have a thing for height differences and tagging my emotional outbursts over pretty art, thank you for stopping by and have a nice day~

PLEASE BE WARNED: THIS IS NOT A SPOILER FREE BLOG. I do try to tag spoilers, but I occasionally slip up!

Current Fandoms:

  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Tolkien
  • Marvel
  • Assasin’s Creed
  • Ace Attorney
  • Pokemon
  • Final Fantasy
  • Harry Potter


Current ships:

  • Ereri
  • Eruri
  • Bucky/Steve (sorry not calling it stucky (come on its a little bit ridiculous))
  • Tony/Steve
  • Narumitsu
  • Argagorn/Legolas
  • Gimli/Legolas
  • Blackbright
  • Levi’s squad/Levi
  • Thorin/Thranduil
  • Harry/Draco 
  • Red/Green